What is NeuroGenetics?

NeuroGenetics is the use of Genetic Algorithms to design Neural Networks. We use GA's to simultaneously search for the best inputs, what type of neural network and at the same time what structure to use inside the neural network to maximize the predictive accuracy of the resulting models. This solves one of the major design challenges of neural networks.

With proper data handling, some smartness about the learning process and triple data validation, these models perform and generalize very, very well. With our product, the "NeuroGenetic Optimizer" (NGO), it's all rather "point and click" easy to do.

The practicality of the approach is very good. First, the models can learn most any functional relationships in the data, including interactions between all variables simultaneously. Second, the models generalize very well, which means their "predictions" very good, not only on data used to build the models, but going onward into the future in unseen before data. For example, we often estimate the result of a physical instrument and at times our estimates are more accurate than the instrument itself.

Because of this, NeuroGenetics is one of our core technologies.

Our Experience

We invented this technology in the early 1990's and have successfully enhanced it and used it in thousands of applications in marketing, financial forecasting, schedule compression, product optimization, product formulation optimization, customer satisfaction analytics, oil and gas to maximize production while minimizing by-products, hospitality demand forecasting, industrial process optimization, security price forecasting for portfolios and many, many more.

Off-line or On-Line in Real-Time

Our self-optimizing modeling technology can be run not only on the desktop with our tools, but also on-line in real-time in our Intellect Server with streaming data, as found in industrial systems, finance, web, and other cases.

Call Us

If you think this technology might be a good fit for something you are working on, a challenge you may have, then please do pick up the phone and call us at 1-281-760-4007. A technical expert will be happy to discuss your opportunity.

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