Market Timing

We offer four main products for financial markets timing, differing by algorithms used, having similar user interfaces so our customers can be familiar, comfortable, consistent and providing a shortened learning curve:

BioComp Profit

BioComp Profit

BioComp Profit, our longest living trading tool, since 1997 now on Version 10, is an end-of-day financial markets signal generator that uses non-linear predictive analytics to forecast price movements in trading index futures, funds, stocks, commodities, bonds, currencies and other tradable securities.

TECHNOLOGY: Genetically optimized non-linear regression with triple validation for robustness.

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BioComp Dakota


BioComp Dakota enables you to create and use adaptive trading systems with 100% walk-forward out-of-sample performance evaluation. Dakota "steps-forward" one bar at a time, recalculating signals as though you were trading in real-life. Dakota's results show you the truth about your trading systems before and while trading them.

TECHNOLOGY: Walk-Forward Swarm Adaptation of scripted trading systems.

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BioComp Patterns


BioComp Patterns is a financial markets signal generator that uses unique pattern clustering, matching and prediction technology to estimate future movements in the markets. It first scans price history finding and clustering patterns, then associates future price action to those patterns. When similar conditions appear they are recognized and price movements are recalled. These future looking movements are then converted into trading signals using a proprietary algorithm.

TECHNOLOGY: Short term pattern discovery and recognition.

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BioComp Patterns

Analytical Cloud for Finance

The newest member of the club, created in early 2015, The Analytical Cloud for Finance is an easy to use, no coding required, high performance financial markets analytics cluster computing system that runs on your network at home or in the office. In its inaugural release it provides unique market timing analytics that seeks trading systems that maximize the smoothness of your equity performance.

TECHNOLOGY: Combinatorial application of math functions residing on a new high performance architecture..

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System Seeker

System Seeker

BioComp "System Seeker" helps you find useful algorithms to put into bots for Dakota 3 as well as indicators and trading systems for NinjaTrader in a matter of seconds. Upload a data file, click a button and System Seeker will scan through 10's of thousands of alternative solutions with amazing speed looking for the one with the smoothest upward trending equity curve.

TECHNOLOGY: Monte Carlo search of math functions.

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It depends on which technology you are most comfortable with, or is most intriguing, or perhaps notably different than other tools you already have so that you have diversity in your trading analysis. Many of our customers have more than one, some have them all.

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