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Predicting Product Performance


A steel customer (identity protected by contractual confidentiality) in the southern United States is implementing Intellect 3.5 (including the Intellect server and desktop tools) to predict multiple product performance characteristics on a large complex industrial process 8-10 hours ahead of lab test results. This enables engineers and operators to respond faster to product performance and improve their understanding of the complex interacting chemistry the process employs. It is anticipated that the customer may control product characteristics "closed loop" to one or more setpoints.

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BioComp Begins Development of "Portfolio" for Finance


Development has begun on a new financial markets product named "Portfolio". This product enables users to import multiple BioComp Profit, Patterns, Dakota and Analytical Cloud for Finance timing systems, compute risk-adjusted returns and fractions of allocated funds to trade to achieve a stated risk statement. Multiple types of portfolio allocations across systems is anticipated, implemented as add-ins so the product can be expanded by 3rd party developers and customers themselves.

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Estimating Sub-Cool in Alberta, Canada Oil Sands


BioComp has demonstrated the ability to predict liquid bitumen levels in multiple "Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage" (SAGD) wells at an Alberta oil sands asset. Sub-cool is critical to optimal production and must be properly managed, as too high a level causes weak production and too low can cause mechanical damage to the producer well. A technical brief is available on request by sending an email to IntelliDynamics.

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Analytical Cloud For Finance


BioComp creates high-performance Analytical Cloud architecture for financial analytics. Employing Intellect 4.0 High Performance Computing Mark IV cluster computing servers, customers can search large quantities of alternative trading systems to seek upward trending straight equity curves.

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British Petroleum Files Patent on Autonomously Self-Maintaining Virtual Meters


BP filed a patent application today on autonomously self-maintaining virtual metering, listing Carl Cook, CTO of BioComp Systems, Inc. as inventor. Not only is this virtual metering system highly accurate, beyond their existing solutions, but automatically maintains its accuracy as the wells and reservoir change their behavior through time.