Robust Solutions You and Your Business Can Count On

Our solutions have been field tested, hardened in commercial and industrial applications for over 20 years. Our technologies are well beyond the experimental stage, proven in thousands of companies world-wide. Here are some examples:

Demand Forecasting for DisneyWorld

We worked directly with the Walt Disney Imagineering team to forecast cash register transactions for every single 15 minute interval, every day, 7 days a week, for DisneyWorld. These highly accurate forecasts were used for determining staffing for every cash register in the park to maximize customer service to give customers the best experience.

Controlled Oil Production on Numerous Platforms for Shell in the South China Sea

We controlled oil, gas and water production across many wells simultaneously to yield peak production for multiple platforms in the South China Sea, off the north shore of the island of Borneo. The customer produced 5-20% more oil and increased recoverable oil.

Prediction Engine for Standard and Poor's Portfolio Management

In a data center in downtown New York City we forecasted the rise and fall of 1000's of securities for Standard and Poor's portfolio advisory service. We accurately predicted 3 months into the future because it took that long to move the billions of dollars tied to our forecasts.

Estimated Oil Production for British Petroleum in the North Sea

We are BP's most accurate technology for estimating oil, gas and water production, enabling them to see production when there are no meters on wells. This solution is autonomously self-maintaining without human effort. The solution is so good, BP filed a patent.

These are but just a few examples.

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